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Re: AES cipher suites

Actually, wouldn't ips want an AES-CBC-XMAC with AES-CTR suite, as called
out in draft-ietf-ips-security-18.txt?

At 08:31 PM 1/11/03 GMT, David Wagner wrote:
>David Black wrote:
>>On behalf of the IP Storage (ips) folks who are depending on AES
>>counter mode, I want to make a strong request for specification of
>>*both* an AES-CBC suite and an AES-CTR suite.  IPS's use of AES-CTR
>>is motivated by a desire to build high-speed hardware.  While AES-CTR
>>is the "right thing" for that class of implementation, I'm reluctant
>>to impose it on everyone who wants to use AES by not defining an
>>AES-CBC suite.
>Why do you need both?  What problem does AES-CBC solve that AES-CTR
>doesn't?  It looks to me like AES-CTR is likely to be good enough for
>everything that AES-CBC is good enough for -- but then, I'm not familiar
>with ips.  What am I missing?