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RE: More AES suites (was: draft-ietf-ipsec-ikev2-04.txt)

Paul Koning wrote:
> For goal (1) you're moving outside the range of what's in early chips,
> and you get AES-CTR with AES-XCBC-MAC.  (Also, possibly, AES-CTR with
> HMAC-SHA1 if someone wants that; there have been some pretty fast SHA1
> implementations -- fast enough to compete with AES-XCBC-MAC?)

For single-core designs (as opposed to parallel AES engine
architectures), the performance of SHA-1 is very close to 
that of AES-XCBC-MAC.  Typically SHA-1 is a bit slower for smaller
packet sizes and faster for medium to large packet sizes.  Of
course, different vendor implementations may have somewhat 
different results.