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Re: new to VPN

> There are a growing number of VPN capable boxes that employ management
> processors of around 100Mhz, (not ix86) with rather limited power
> budgets. They are using comodity cipher chips with power budgets that
> rival that of the fan on the GHz PIII.  It is these devices where we will
> see the most impact of IPsec technology - they are often embedded network
> elements of various sorts.

AFAIK, the PowerPC chips run much cooler than P3's.  I'm sure custom
hardware can run even cooler, but I suspect that only in extreme
circumstances would it be worth the extra effort.

> But, I agree with Jayant - for anyone for whom money is an object, but
> power consumption is not (anyone not living in California :-]), but
> moderate speed is also, a PIII is very hard to beat.

Does one extra PIII for an office of, say, 50 people, each of whom has at
least one PC on his/her desk, actually make a significant difference in the
power budget?

An end-to-end IPSec solution that offloads all the work to the end clients
would avoid this issue because one would only be using the PC's already on
people's desktops.

John Lindal
Chief Software Architect, Trlokom, Inc.