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IKEv2 Terms & Definitions

Hello Folks,

When I started reading about IKEv1 a few years ago, I was happy that section
"3.2 Notation" was included in RFC2409.
Although I assume I had a good a good background in IP protocol engineering
it was a complete different world to me back then.
Without section 3.2. it would have been even more difficult for me to master
this protocol (also because the complete IKEv1 specification is dispersed
over 3 documents: IKE, ISAKMP and DOI). As an example, the symbol "|" was an
OR function for me but in IKEv1 it means concatenation ..

So I find it a little bit odd that this part is left out especially as it is
stated that one of the goals of IKEv2 is to define the entire protocol into
one document.
People new to IKE will have to refer to IKEv1 for terms and definitions.
So I wonder whether a similar section can still be included in IKEv2 ?


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