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RE: Modecfg and IPv6

> The idea is that MODECFG will work the same for v6 as v4.  It will be used
> to assign an address, and optionally the other attributes defined, to the
> IRAC.  I have very limited understanding of RS/RA and DHCPv6, but I think
> RA's _should_ be handled as any other host would, and DHCPv6
> INFORMATION-REQUEST could be used for additional DHCPv6 options.

The problem is that the IPv6 and IPv4 addressing architectures are quite

> As I said above, I know little about the specifics of RS/RA, but I don't
> think we'll be loosing anything since an IRAC _should_ be receiving and
> processing RAs (H-bit included) as any other node would be once an address
> is assigned to it and it's created Child-SA(s).  Can anyone confirm this?

I think there are some implications to having the client obtain
addresses in two ways -- multiple addresses from the RS/RA assigned
prefixes, one from MODECFG. For example, I don't think that this process
will be faster -- because you'll be unable to do optimistic DAD on the
MODECFG assigned address. And if the RS/RA assigned prefix is the same as
the prefix for the MODECFG assigned address, then it is possible for there
to be conflicts between the two approaches -- and it is not clear to me
how they are resolved. So some careful thinking is probably required to
understand the implications of this.