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Re: IPsec bakeoff in July 2003 confirmed

>>>>> "Ghislaine" == Ghislaine Labouret <gl+ietf-ipsec-0303@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Ghislaine> The organization of an IPsec bakeoff in France, the week after
    Ghislaine> IETF 57 
    Ghislaine> in Vienna, has been confirmed. Registration is now open. Here
    Ghislaine> is the 
    Ghislaine> announcement by the organizer, ETSI:

  I would not agree. Registration is a mess.
  The passwords often do not work. 

  The list of hotels is a questionable .DOC file (I didn't open it. I suggest
that nobody should ever open or post such a document on a web site). 
  We are told that the hotels are far enough from the facility that we are
told to rent a car twice. 
  (And we are told that we should do this because the town cares too much
about the environment!?!?!)  

  It is not in Cannes or in Nice, but in some suburb in between.

  The event registration is over 900 Euros/person. 
  And it will be high season in the south of france.

  My vote would be to talk to the Hotel in Vienna, and stay there!

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