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Re: bidding down attach on NAT-T

"jpickering@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <jpickering@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Just a reminder that there are many non-VPN uses for IKE2, such as RPSec's
> interest to use IKE/IPSec to secure routing protocols. Such use does
> not require
> NAT.

Sure, but just because some uses don't require a feature does not
imply that it shouldn't be a "MUST."  For example, VPNs don't use AH,
but AH is still a MUST.  Similarly, if NAT-T is defined as "MUST
implement if you support ipv4", it does not imply that you have to

Just a reminder that "must implement" does not imply "must use."

> Regards,
> Jeff


       Derek Atkins
       Computer and Internet Security Consultant
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