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Re: IKE V2 Open Issues

Derek Atkins wrote:
5) Lack of definition of the COOKIE_REQUIRED notify payload.
Charlie's suggestion to delete the COOKIE_REQUIRED payload and simply
to use the COOKIE payload is simple, and non-controversial.

Actually, I (and at least two others who have voiced opinions on the topic) prefer Radia's suggestion of putting the cookie into the COOKIE_REQUIRED notify payload and sending that. So Bob would send a N(COOKIE_REQUIRED{cookie}) message to Alice, and Alice would add N(COOKIE{cookie}) to message-3. I think this is clearer than Charlie's suggestion of just using N(COOKIE{cookie}) in both directions.

Yes, your way it's clearer. However Charlie's way is simpler, and one less payload type to worry about...

I'll be happy with either choice - but lean towards N(COOKIE{cookie})...