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Re: Concerning the SOURCE-ADDRESS-CHANGED proposal

Theodore Ts'o wrote:

These are minor issues, which can certainly be worked out.  But in the
interests of time and closure, and given that both Tero's and
Francis's proposals are additions to the ikev2 protocol that could be
easily specified as an addition in a separate document, Barbara and I
will suggest that this be best handled separately from the ikev2

I would actually like to see Tero's scheme in the base IKEv2 document. An ability to cope with changing addresses is becoming essential in today's networks. Roaming around, being mobile, multi-homing, ... all of these call for an ability to change addresses. While it is true that rekeying can help here as well, its really undesireable solution for many people.


P.S. I can also promise to contribute in solving the issues you