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More on algorithms for IKEv2

Based on Gregory's comments and talking to Charlie, I revised my IKEv2 algorithms document. It's now at <ftp://ftp.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-hoffman-ipsec-algorithms-02.txt>. The major change was to move the MODP groups from the main IKEv2 document into the algorithms document, but I also corrected the typos that Greogy pointed out and updated the reference to RFC 3526 and made the IANA considerations clearer.

On thing that Gregory asked for that I didn't do (yet) is:

> >- format help: would be nice in 2.1-2.4 to add a 4th column
 to each chart
 >that holds MUST, SHOULD, etc. That way the reader can see
 what's what very

 I didn't do that because of the difference between "MUST today" and
 "MUST tomorrow". That is, I wanted to keep the wording below the
 tables being definitive.

no argument about keeping the wording; I wouldn't have suggested removing it. Adding the column will make ingestion easier on the reader. Additionally, you could put a "*" by the SHOULD that calls to text below highlighting the "MUST Later" stuff.

I'm willing to do that if people want it, but I don't consider it all that hard for someone reading the document to look at the paragraph after the table to figure out the MUST and SHOULD requirements.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium