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ADV: US phone lines are now available WORLDWIDE!

US phone lines are now available WORLDWIDE!

PAWBELL a division of Intology.com can now offer foreign based companies US phone numbers that ring in there office.

Starting at less than $100.00 US per month your company can now send unlimited calls to and receive unlimited calls from the USA.

Intology will provide your company with office space in the Austin, Texas, USA area. Intology will have one or multiple phone lines installed in your USA office. When your customer calls your Austin phone number we will automatically forward the call to your offices. There is no long distance charge!

>From your offices you can also place calls to the USA without paying long distance charges. When you pick-up the Intology phone you are automatically connected to a USA phone number. You may then place calls to any phone in the USA without any per minute charges.

Make as many calls per day and talk as long as you wish for one low monthly fee. 

For more information contact us by E-Mail at pawbell@xxxxxxxxxxxx  or view our website at www.pawbell.com.  

Have more than one office in different parts of the world? The offices can share one line. The call is answered electronically in the USA and the caller is prompted for the extension of the correct office. Offices sharing a line can also call between offices for free!!!

A US Toll-Free number can be added to your plan.

PAWBELL based telephony solutions offer a rich and flexible feature set. PAWBELL offers both classical PBX functionality and advanced features, and interoperates with traditional standards-based telephony systems.  PAWBELL offers the features one would expect of a large proprietary PBX system such as Voicemail, Conference Bridging, Call Queuing, and Call Detail Records.

Telephony Service can include:

Voicemail System 
Password Protection
Separate Away and Unavailable Messages 
Default or Custom Messages 
Multiple Mail Folders 
Web Interface for Voicemail Checking 
E-mail notification of Voicemail 
Voicemail Forwarding 
Visual Message Waiting Indicator 
Message Waiting Stutter Dialtone 
Auto Attendant 
Interactive Voice Response 
Overhead Paging 
Flexible Extension Logic 
Multiple Line Extensions 
Multi-Layered Access Control 
Direct Inward System Access 
Directory Listing 
Conference Bridging 
Unlimited Conference Rooms 
Access Control 
Call Queuing 
ADSI Menu System 
Support for Advanced Telephony Features 
PBX Driven Visual Menu Systems 
Visual Notification of Voicemail 
Call Detail Records 
Local Call Agents 
Remote Call Agents 
Protocol Bridging 
Provides seamless integration of technologies 
Offers a unified set of services to users regardless of connection type 

Call Features:
Music on Hold 
Music on Transfer 
Flexible mp3 based system 
Volume Control 
Random Play 
Linear Play 
Call Waiting 
Caller ID 
Caller ID Blocking 
Caller ID on Call Waiting 
Call Forward on Busy 
Call Forward on No Answer 
Call Forward Variable 
Call Transfer 
Call Parking 
Call Retrieval 
Remote Call Pickup 
Do Not Disturb 

Allows Direct Connection of PAWBELL PBX 
Offers Zero Latency 
Uses Commodity Ethernet Hardware 

Allows for Integration of Physically Separate Installations 
Uses commonly deployed data connections 
Allows a unified dialplan across multiple offices 

Intology is also seeking companies interested in a PAWBELL Franchise to sell services in their country.


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