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Re: 2401bis issues (possible) resolution

> >It might be more specific to indicate that:
> >
> >For traffic originating or terminating at a gateway, that gateway MUST 
> >support the functions of an IPsec host. In particular, traffic 
> >originating or terminating at that gateway that is tunneled over 
> >non-IPsec mechanisms (e.g, RFC2003) MAY use transport mode. A gateway 
> >that originates or terminates packets tunneled over non-IPsec 
> >mechanisms, for the purposes of that tunnel, MUST follow the IPsec host 
> >requirements rather than the IPsec gateway requirements.
> >
> >Permitting the use of transport mode in this context goes specifically 
> >to the interaction between IPsec and RFC2003 tunnels, making it a 
> >protocol issue rather than merely an implementation issue.
> This is a much more modest proposal than #50, which effectively allows a
> gateway to insert an ESP header on another IP packet without doing tunneling.

	i don't think Joe is suggesting insertion of ESP header in transit.