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Re: 2401bis issues

In message <>, Stephen Kent writes:
>I agree that this is not an interoperability issue, but 2401 
>established a per-interface SPD requirement and I think we now have 
>heard from various folks that this is unduly restrictive. So as part 
>of the revised processing model
>we need to remove the old, 2401 restriction and explain what the new 
>model does and why.

I agree on removing the limitation.

>Tero has pointed out in some private e-mail that this 
>characterization in quotes is not quite right, i.e., IKEv2 does not 
>work this way!  So, we are revising the characterization accordingly. 
>The bottom line is that one can accommodate multiple protocols in a 
>single SPD entry, because the entry really consists of a list of 
>selector sets, each set contains S/D IP address range, ONE protocol 
>(or ANY), and S/D port range.  The "list of ranges" effect is 
>achieved in that fashion.