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Re: Meta-comment: use of "red" / "black" terminology...

In some private discussions this evening, it was noted that "red" and
"black" are used in two senses.  The first is pre- and post-
processing by the IPSEC stack, in the inbound and outbound paths.
(i.e., "red to black") In this case, being explicit about something
like "before ipsec processing" or "after ipsec processing", etc. would
probably be less confusing.

The second is "trusted" and "untrusted", or "internal" and "external"
when referring two networks or interfaces on a security gateway.
Granted that "trusted" is overloaded by other meanings that might
cause confusion, does "internal networks" and "external networks" work
better folks.  (All of this assuming that we have explicit definitions
before we use any of these terms.)

						- Ted