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At 05:45 PM 5/7/99 -0400, Stephen Kent wrote:
>>Has anyone had deployment experience with IKE?
>>Do actual customers like it running over UDP?
>>Is there any resistance with opening an IKE UDP
>>port in firewalls?
>Folks at several companies have cited problems getting IPsec traffic
>through in general, whether UPD for IKE or AH or ESP.

Hmm...I've been hearing for the past year about large corporate customers 
(with network security aware IS staff) being very resistance about opening
up a new UDP port in their firewalls for incoming and outgoing packets
(this happens to be a proprietary authentication protocol over UDP).  
I was wondering if anyone selling an IKE over UDP solution has experienced
this resistance as well.  These customers seem willing to do TCP.

- Alex

Alex Alten


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Pleasanton, CA  94588  USA
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