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Re: PPP over IPSec (without L2TP)?

There are certainly much easier ways for preventing packet re-ordering
than implementing L2TP!

As to your other points.. I defer judgement, but they don't look
serious enough to force using L2TP either. Certainly they weren't
serious enough to be mentioned in Microsoft's document.


"Shriver, John" wrote:

> L2TP provides the prevention of packet reordering that is REQUIRED by PPP.
> The PPP protocol assumes that packets under it will never be reordered.  PPP
> would not work directly on top of IPSec, since IPSec does not offer a
> service with any assurance of packet ordering.
> The optional flow control for L2TP can also be used wisely to provide better
> performance (lower packet loss).
> Also, on Windows Dial-Up Networking, it provides a comfortable user model.
> This is not to be taken lightly.

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