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Re[2]: PPP over IPSec (without L2TP)?

Hello Scott,

Thursday, October 14, 1999, 12:14:01 PM, you wrote:

Kelly> This dances around a bigger problem which keeps recurring in different
Kelly> guises on this list: vpn and ipsec are not synonymous.
 I just had an extensive discussion with several associates
 about the interchange of the acronyms IPSec and VPN. VPN
 can be all encompassing where IPSec is specific.
 I guess my question to you, et al, is why do vendors attempt
 to "hack" L2TP and IPSec together and not augment L2TP with
 encryption, releasing IPSec from acting as a crutch? As you
 can easily see, I'm new to L2TP and behind the learning
 curve at this point.
 Just a simple thought, I am taking a comment you made
 to the next logical 'step', I guess.
Kelly> Once you thoroughly understand the PPP (or L2TP) protocol
Kelly> in this light, then you can begin to design a security protocol which
Kelly> secures them. I think the bottom line is, that protocol would *not* be
Kelly> ipsec - it would be something else.