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Re: IKE reference implementations

In message <>, Henry Spen
cer writes:
>If I am not mistaken -- I haven't looked at a recent OpenBSD -- the IKE
>implementation in OpenBSD is not public domain any more than the one in
>FreeS/WAN is.  The details of what is permitted differ, but both impose
>restrictions... and neither set of restrictions is likely to present any
>great problem for the sort of use the original request implied.
The poster's question implied software that could be freely reused.
The BSD-license implies such free reuse, and thus its restrictions do
not matter.  This is unfortunatly not true for the GPL.

>(Dept of Full Disclosure:  I've got a foot in both camps, since I'm
>technical head of the FreeS/WAN project, but I prefer BSD-style licensing
>over GNU-style when the choice is mine.)