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Re: RSIP and IPsec

Thanks for the pointer.  We'll be producing a -02 version of the IPSEC
draft RSN.  At that time I'll post a formal "request for review" to this list.
However, comments are always welcome.


Paul Hoffman <paul.hoffman@vpnc.org> on 11/05/99 06:22:56 PM

Sent by:  Paul Hoffman <paul.hoffman@vpnc.org>

To:   ipsec@lists.tislabs.com
cc:    (Mike Borella/MW/US/3Com)
Subject:  RSIP and IPsec

Pre-DC greetings. There has been almost zero discussion of the RSIP
protocol on this mailing list, even though much of the purpose of RSIP is
for helping carry IPsec into and out of NATs. People should be aware of
this so we can help advise the authors of the protocol.

The three relevant drafts are:
(As usual, the latest copies are also at the VPNC web site.)

The NAT WG is meeting on Monday from 1530-1730, which is the slot after the
IPsec WG. The agenda for the NAT WG is at

BTW, I'm not promoting this protocol, just noting that it is being written
to answer one of our problems and we don't seem very involved it in.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium