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Re: [Ipsec] STRAW POLL: Handling of fragments in RFC-2401bis (section 7)

QUESTION 1: Select one of the following
Yes -> ___ Both Methods #2 and Method #3 should be a MAY

QUESTION 2:  Should Method #2 (non-initial fragments) be:
        (you may pick more than one)
Yes -> ___ MAY

QUESTION 3:  Should Method #3 (stateful fragment inspection) be:
        (you may pick more than one)
Yes -> ___ MAY

My philosophy:
Method 1 is the required common ground for interoperability.
Some situations may call for port based policy and the ability to handle fragments. Implementors may choose to support this via method 2, method 3, 2 and 3, or not support it.


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