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[Ipsec] IKEv2bis, draft -00

Greetings again. A number of you objected to the idea of having an IKEv2.1 and felt that the clarifications to IKEv2 could be rolled into a document without having to change the version number. Based on that feedback, I created draft-hoffman-ikev2bis-00.txt with lots of help from Charlie and Pasi. See <http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-hoffman-ikev2bis-00.txt>.

(The IKEv2bis document completely replaces draft-hoffman-ikev2-1-00.txt, which is now dead, not to be revived.)

Our intention is to create a new RFC that can replace RFC 4306. Because there is no version number change, an implementation of this new spec should interoperate with an implementation of RFC 4306 as well as (or better than!) two different implementations of RFC 4306 might have. We believe that implementations of this document will do that, although we are quite open to hearing where we might have gotten it wrong.

We ask that all IKEv2 implementers read this draft and see if the changes from RFC 4306 are all correct. They should be the same as the changes made in the IKEv2 Clarifications document, but they are not word-for-word changes, so errors might have crept in.

We are also interested in hearing suggestions for additional formatting changes for the document. For example, there have been requests to take informative material out of the Notify message tables and put it in the body of the document. We can do that in a future version of the draft, since it is just moving things around, not rewording.

This is a big document, but we really hope to get sufficient input on it. The sooner we can close out this document, the sooner we have a stable, interoperable IKEv2.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium

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