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Re: [Ipsec] Applications over IPsec

Title: Re: [Ipsec] Applications over IPsec
At 2:50 PM -0700 4/14/06, Vishwas Manral wrote:

I had pointed out another issue regarding RFC4305. As we have decided to rehash the RFC I thought we may want to revisit the issue.

The link to an earlier discussion is:

To put the issue more generally, can we have an application which specifies the use of IPsec but states a different set of MUST and SHOULD from RFC4305. In a sense contradicting the RFC4305. L2TP for example makes Transport mode a MUST though IPsec RFC's state that Tunnel mode is a MUST and and Transport mode is a MAY.


The only relevant (IPsec) RFC re specification of when to support each of these modes is RFC 4301. It describes when each of these modes MUST be available, depending on the type of device and the way IPsec is used. We modified the text from 2401 to address valid, additional use cases as discussed in the WG, e.g., use of transport mode for overlay nets.

It's generally viewed as OK for a protocol using IPsec to require more stringent requirements when it profiles a base standard, but it is not OK to remove requirements. That's the general notion of "profiling" use of one standard in another. In that sense, transforming a MAY into a MUST is just fine. Conversely, transforming a MUST into a MAY is not.

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