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$10.00 Cash Just to Read This E-mail

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Nationwide Wholesale Product Broker Association
Exclusive Offer From The CEO

Hello, I would like to introduce myself.  I am Annelee Giese the President of Sales & Marketing for N.W.P.B.A. (Nationwide Wholesale Product Broker Association). Our company has been making a living Brokering Products for several years and our CEO has been self employed doing this type of work since 1969.

You may not even know what a Wholesale Broker is. Just in case you do not, let me tell you. The word "broker" means "middle man," a facilitator like a stock broker. The main difference is we broker product/s not stocks. Therefore, you need no special education or licenses to do this.  What you will need is my knowledge and ability, That is what I am willing to give to you at no cost, if you are willing and want to make a serious living.

Perhaps you have heard of the new TV show called "Deal or No Deal."  Well, I want to make you a DEAL! In fact, I will even pay you from $10.00 to $2,500.00 in cash and bonuses just to look at and consider what we are offering. Why would we do this? The answer is simple we need qualified team players and I am convinced you will like what you see.

Let me even go you one better. If you like the "DEAL" we have to offer, we will cover all of your setup cost so not even one red cent will have to come out of your pocket to earn a substantial living, working and learning at your own pace.

Don’t worry, you do not have to risk anything. I am not going to ask you for any credit references or credit card and bank information. The only information I will ask you for is how we can contact you, and where to send you your funds. This will happen after your looking over and signing up for this "DEAL" I am offering you.

So, what is the catch? Really, there is none! I am looking for people to promote an exclusive FDA/USDA approved health product produced through our own laboratories. This product is affordably priced and carries a healthy margin of profit.

Therefore, let me keep this short and sweet so I will not waste your time or mine.

If you want to make a great income and enjoy a better lifestyle, can refer people to a website we furnish you for tracking sales, then I want you to contact me by clicking the link below. Remember, I will foot the bill to setup and train you. You do not have anything to lose and everything to gain for about 15-30 minutes of your time.

Let me list some qualifications:

  • Be personable and honest.
  • Be a team player and willing to learn. (No experience necessary)
  • Know how to communicate with people.
  • Use a computer from your home or office.
  • Be over 18 years of age.


Be sure to check your email at the email address you provide as you will receive an auto-reply from N.W.P.B.A. - Annelee - PSM to the email address you provide us with more details about this offer.

Annelee Giese
President Sales & Marketing

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