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Sample Pack

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I lied about my exploits for awhile and kept them all interested. Its no more a Warlord battleship than I am. Dont be afraid of shocking me. Was it? Could I be sure that Pepe, flying his mountain of a ship and eating Navy rations, would be interested in some of the comforts and luxuries of life? Or if the luxuries didnt catch his eye, would he be interested in the planetary homesteading gear? I had loaded the cards with all the things he might want, and planted the information where he could get it. Thinking of her took the edge off my fun, and I managed to excuse myself and go back to the bar. I shook his hand enthusiastically at this point and let a one hundred credit note slip into his palm. I accepted it as any artist accepts tribute. It was purplish-black and must have been very fine before the grease and twigs had been rubbed in.