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Amerossi International Group Inc. Updates Shareholders on Tar Sand Recovery Process.

LAS VEGAS, NV--(MARKET WIRE)-- Amerossi International Group Inc. (Other OTC:AMSN. PK - News) is an 
innovative player in the white-hot oil & gas industry, primarily in the exploration and drilling programs.Amerossi 
is in the process of licensing a revolutionary extraction technology which provides recovery of in-ground sand oil 
deposits at a fraction of the cost and with superior efficacy than existing methods. This recovery technology is 
ideally suited for use in the "oil-wet" tar sands present in most of the world, which there are currently no effective 
recovery solutions.

"Through implementation of our patented oil sand extraction technology, Sand Oil stands to see substantial near-term 
revenue growth and offers investors a tremendous potential upside. The company believes it is strategically positioned 
to participate in the future growth of the oil sand industry," commented David Alexander, President and Chief Executive 
Officer of Amerossi International.
Founded in Toronto, Canada, Amerossi International (Other OTC:AMSN. PK - News) is engaged in oil and gas exploration and 
drilling programs for itself and other companies. Our goal is to become a major player in the development of worldwide 
natural resources to benefit our shareholders and the communities where we operate.

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