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Sample Pack

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Keeping next to the rumbling belt, I stepped through the jagged hole I had chopped in the wall of the government warehouse. Something jerked at my left foot and my boot and sock were pulled off. Who are you?He smiled at the abruptness of my tone. The contest would be over for all time. He moved in for the kill. I quickly addedAllattempts resuscitation failed. I dont know, the captain said, it sounds to me like…I never heard what it sounded like, which is all right since he was getting under my skin and I might have been tempted to pull my pseudo-rank. Billionaire to found own world… space yacht filled with luxuries to last a hundred years, the captains face grew red as he flipped through the stack of notesWhat connection does this tripe have with catching those murderers?When we were alone he was anything but courteous to me, having assuredhimselfby not-too-subtle questioning that I was a spurious admiral.