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Personal letter from the CEO of Suburban Brands, Inc.

Dear Investor,

Shareholder value is the driving force behind Sub-Urban's (OTCBB: SUUB) high-margin, high-growth business model. We are an emerging multi-brand apparel company capitalizing on the multibillion dollar global fashion industry. Our company attracted a nationwide consumer audience thanks to the success of our Whiteboy clothing line, which gained pop icon status thanks to endorsements from A-list celebrities like Tommy Lee, Don Cheadle and Jessica Alba.

Sub-Urban is moving aggressively to capitalize on that success with a growth strategy that includes executed letters of intent for the acquisition of chic, premium denim designer Reo Starr, and most recently The Apparel Agent, one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of base garments.

We anticipate that these pending acquisitions will accomplish three significant goals:

The acceleration of our core revenues

2. The diversification of our brand portfolio to drive growth

3. And our mission to continuously increase margins

Sub-Urban was conceived in the image of other fashion industry success stories like True Religion, but our vision has grown even more ambitious with these prospective acquisitions.

This email is an invitation to follow Sub-Urban’s emerging leadership in the global fashion industry and to benefit from on our overriding commitment to drive significant investment appreciation.

Thank you for your time. For more information visit our online Investor Center.


Joseph A. Shortal

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