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    'Sshh! ' whispered  the man.  He bounded  out  on to the  balcony and
closed the grille behind him.
    Praskovya  Fyodorovna looked in, asked Ivan how he felt and  whether he
wanted  to sleep in the dark or the light. Ivan asked her to leave the light
on and Praskovya Fyodorovna departed, wishing him good  night. When  all was
quiet again the visitor returned.
    He told  Ivan in a whisper that a new  patient had been  put  into  No.
119--a fat man  with a purple  face who kept muttering about  dollars in the
ventilation shaft and  swearing  that the  powers of darkness had taken over
their house on Sadovaya. ' He curses Pushkin for all  he's  worth and  keeps