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slightly clouded at Griboyedov, but now they were as clear as before.
    'Godfathers! ' thought Ryukhin in  terror. '  He really  is perfectly
normal! What  a ghastly  business!  Why  have  we brought him here?  There's
nothing the matter with him except a few scratches on his face . . .'
    'You are not,' said the doctor calmly, sitting down  on a stool on  a
single chromium-plated stalk, ' in  a madhouse but in a clinic, where nobody
is  going to keep you  if it  isn't necessary.'  Ivan  gave him a suspicious
scowl, but muttered :
    'Thank  God for that!  At last I've found one  normal person among all
these idiots and the worst idiot of the lot is that incompetent fraud Sasha!