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Re: [Ipsec] draft-solinas-ui-suites-00.txt

At 10:25 AM +0200 12/18/06, Yoav Nir wrote:
If that were true, than VPN-A and VPN-B would be called VPN-3DES and VPN-AES.

That was discussed. However, people preferred VPN-A and VPN-B. If you feel strongly about this, feel free to create a new document with those names.

These names are not for the "community", they're for people who buy and install VPN devices. I think only a small fraction of these has ever heard of Suite B.

Fully agree. But it is not expected that the new algorithms will be installed in all devices, only in those who care about using these algorithms. Thus, it seems sensible to let those people choose its names.

At 2:16 PM +0200 12/18/06, Tero Kivinen wrote:
And half of those who had heard about the Suite B probably belives it
is same thing than VPN-B UI suite.

All the more reason to make these new names as explicit as possible.

Before we get upset about the new names, please understand that there has been almost no uptake on the current VPN-A and VPN-B names (including from either Yoav's or Tero's companies, I believe). The idea of UI suites is still sound, but it is not like we can say how any changes will affect users, given that virtually no users have seen the current suites in use.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium

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