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Re: [Ipsec] draft-solinas-ui-suites-00.txt

On Dec 18, 2006, at 4:41 PM, Paul Hoffman wrote:

Before we get upset about the new names, please understand that there has been almost no uptake on the current VPN-A and VPN-B names (including from either Yoav's or Tero's companies, I believe). The idea of UI suites is still sound, but it is not like we can say how any changes will affect users, given that virtually no users have seen the current suites in use.

Actually, we do use them in our GUI. and the following is one ugly, inconsistent UI:

| Choose cryptographic suite:        |
|   o VPN-A                          |
|   o VPN-B                          |
|   o Suite-B-GCM-128                |
|   o Suite-B-GCM-256                |
|   o Custom            |Define...|  |

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