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RE: Minutes according to MCR (rev 3)

At 04:46 PM 12/3/99 -0500, David Mitton wrote:
>Hmmm... it's still defined in RFC 1661 and STD 2.

It is indeed mentioned in STD 2 (RFC 1700, Assigned Numbers), but so is SNA 
over PPP, and that isn't an IETF standard.

RFC 1661 does indeed mention PAP, but, like RFC 1700, only as far as listing 
its PPP protocol number.  PAP itself is only defined in RFC 1334, which was 
obsoleted by RFC 1994 (PPP CHAP) in August of 1996.

However, I understand and agree with the issues about installed product.

Karl Fox <karl@xxxxxxxxxx>
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