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Re: A new charter

Stephane Beaulieu wrote:
> Sorry for the late comments.
> w.r.t.

> Why should a solution which modifies IKE be deemed not a good solution?
> Simply because it modifies IKE !?!.  Because we're afraid of IKE????  That's
> sure what its starting to sound like.  Well, let me break the bad news...
> IKE is not perfect and could use some improving from both the security side,
> and the usability side.  Ignoring these deficiencies will not buy us
> anything.
I think you're ignoring the piece of the charter that says that
  in IKE will get fixed in the IPSEC WG, not here!

This group won't get charteres to fix random deficiencies in IKE;
certainly there
  will be "worker bees" who have feet in both IPSRA and IPSEC WGs, and
no one
  is stopping them from working on deficiencies in IKE.