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Re: Remote access from NAT domains

"Iyer, Prakash" wrote:
> RSIP does solve most of the problems but it won't be sufficient if only the
> gateway vendors implement it. Unless OS vendors integrate RSIP for PCs and
> other clients behind an RSIP-NAT gateway, widespread acceptance is going to
> be a problem. I thought that the growing consensus was that IPsec (IPv4)
> through NAT is perceived as a problem but that vendors are willing to wait
> for IPv6 integration (avoiding the word transition) to occur to remedy the
> situation. Is there vendor consensus that RSIP near-term is useful to
> deploy.

I don't know about other vendors, but we are not willing to wait for v6
deployment. Our alternatives at this point are to use gre (which many
nat devices can't handle), or to use some other udp/tcp-based mechanism.