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Re: Sec2.2 Remote Host Configuration

Hi Abdallah,

Abdallah Rayhan wrote:
> Section 2.2 of ipsra-reqmts-00 talks about remote host
> configuration and virtual presence inside the corpnet
> and the virtual addressing. This architecture is not
> referenced in the I-D. I imagine that it must be documented
> somewhere as an IETF protocol unless it is hypothetical
> scenario! If the former then ref is needed and if the latter
> then why did it make it into the draft?

I'm not sure if I understand your point or not. This architecture (or
configuration) is entirely described in the subject draft. As far as I
know, there are no external references at this time, though a number of
vendors have deployed this configuration.

There has been a call for a remote access architecture/framework draft.
I imagine further documentation of this configuration would be covered
in that draft.