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Re: Sec2.2 Remote Host Configuration

Hi Rupesh,

Rupesh wrote:
> Do we need Virtual Adaptar Interface for this Architecture at Remote
> Access client or there is any other mechanisum to implement this....

One way to do this is with a virtual adapter. Another way is with a
security gw on the client end, e.g.

+------+                                                corp net
| IRAC |       +------+-+                    +-+-------+      |
| host |-------| sgw1 | |===== internet =====| | sgw2  |------|
+------+       +------+-+                    +-+-------+      |

The IRAC host can be assigned an address from the corp net, and this can
be relayed through a tunnel between sgw1 and sgw2. There may be other
ways to accomplish this as well.

> Is there any RFC related to have virtual host appears to corporate net?

Not that I know of.