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l2tp as ipsra solution (was Re: Windows 2000 and Cicsco router interoperability)

Hi Mark,

"W. Mark Townsley" wrote:

<much trimmed...> 
> > A point that was made later in the email is that it seems that remote
> > access can be provided in a simpler, cleaner way using ipsec tunnel
> > mode. Granted, you don't get mlppp and a bunch of other things, but it
> > is not clear that anyone needs these for remote access, given that dsl
> > and cablemodems are likely to completely displace isdn, and given that
> > ipsec tunnel-mode may obviate the need for a ppp tunneling mechanism for
> > POTS users.
> Dialup is not going away for a while. Particularly when you think of
> Wireless connections, etc.

I didn't mean to suggest that it was. What I meant to suggest is that a
simpler tunneling mechanism based upon ipsec, and not including
ppp/l2tp, seems plausible.

> DSL is not just Internet access. DSL can tunnel PPP sessions to a
> variety of locations, including directly into your corporate network.
> Note I was not speaking of L2TP+IPsec here per se, just L2TP alone.

Likewise, ipsec sessions may be tunneled over dsl. 

<balance trimmed...>

The bottom line is that nobody has elaborated a group of requirements
which would indicate the need for the heavyweight solution you are
proposing. Until someone does, it's difficult to move forward.