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Re: l2tp as ipsra solution

Hi Bernard,

Bernard Aboba wrote:
> > As for tunneling, IPsec tunnel mode is more efficient than L2TP+IPsec
> > transport mode.
> The overhead argument is a red herring.
> http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-aboba-ipsra-req-00.txt discusses
> the issue in detail. When L2TP header compression is applied
> to L2TP, this results in only one additional octet of overhead compared
> with IPSEC tunnel mode. And when PPP mux is used, the overhead
> for L2TP is actually much *less* than for IPSEC tunnel mode.

I don't agree. The bytes-on-the-wire overhead problem is mitigated by
header compression schemes, but this is not the only overhead. You must
also consider the additional processing overhead.