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Re: Straw poll on getcert

At 11:43 PM -0700 8/22/00, Bob Fontain wrote:
You forgot: 4.5 None of the Above

No, I didn't. Please re-read the message I sent. (And, no, it's not at the bottom of this message because I explicitly asked people to not include it on their replies to help people follow the thread (and thanks to those of you who paid attention!)).

This straw poll is to help the authors of the getcert draft pick a single method out of the four that they proposed. It is *not* to chose the authentication method that will come out of IPSRA, since we already have a different proposal (namely PIC) and we might get more before we have to make a decision. "None of the Above" is irrelevant to helping the authors of the getcert draft and a distraction from the work of this group.

Any discussion of topics not in the current IPSRA charter (such as "let's change IKE") are out of scope for the Working Group, inappropriate for this thread, and should be ignored by others posting to this list.

More votes for the straw poll are certainly appreciated.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium