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RE: I-D ACTION:draft-harkins-ipsra-crack-00.txt

The documents could all be combined into one for all I care, as is currently
being proposed for IKE/ISAKMP/DOI.

Or XAuth could be left as is and one usage mode (e.g. Hybrid/MM/RSA) could
be designated as mandatory to implement.

Anyway, your original argument is still a slippery slope and it doesn't hold
water even (especially) if we do believe in kings and presidents as Dan has

Beauty with out truth is insubstantial.
Truth without beauty is unbearable.

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> Andrew Krywaniuk wrote:
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> > That's ridiculous. Crack and Hybrid are almost identitical
> except for their
> > syntax. Save the slippery slope arguments for your next
> court case....
> ...and except for the fact that (the current) Hybrid requires ike-cfg
> *and* xauth underneath, whereas crack does not. Ridiculous indeed.