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Re: REQMTS 1: is accounting a requirement?

"Scott G. Kelly" wrote:
> This is a first in a series of posts aimed at resolving some issues
> prior to publication of a revision of the requirements draft.
> Accounting requirements were added to the 01 draft rev. It was argued
> that accounting should not be part of the requirements, that it could be
> done better by another group. My feeling is that certain information
> must be collected for security auditing purposes, and that this is
> within the scope of this wg.

If accounting requirements for ipsra are part of another group, I would
like to know what group has (or will have) this within its charter.

If we provide accounting for auditing, I suspect it will be (mis)used
for billing as well unless a better system is provided.

> Opinions, please.
> Scott