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Straw poll, round 2


For reasons others have already pointed out.
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"Paul Hoffman / VPNC" <paul.hoffman@xxxxxxxx> on 04/18/2001 02:13:07 PM

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Subject:  Straw poll, round 2

As discussed at the Minneapolis meeting, we need to take the straw
poll again. My apologies for taking so long to get to it. We need to
either choose between PIC and GetCert for the product of this Working
Group, or to actively decide that the Working Group does not want to
create a protocol.

For this straw poll, please respond to this message, and simply say
"PIC" or "GetCert" or "No new protocol". If you wish, you can say
why, but please state your preference first. Please respond within
two weeks from today.

Note that this is a straw poll, not a "50%+1" straight vote. In the
IETF tradition, the WG chairs will view the results and look for
consensus. We (the chairs) will report back to the list soon after
the two weeks are up.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium