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Re: Results of protocol straw poll

> I thought status quo was to have everyone disagree, have no one listen to
> each other, have people bury their head in the sand, and have vendors chose
> their own routes because they don't believe this WG will produce a protocol
> which will meet their requirements in a timely fashion.

That's a blunt but accurate description of the status quo ;) 

> If a protocol is chosen without a good CLEAR majority, I suspect status quo
> is what you'll get.  If you can't get the vendors to agree (much less
> commit) to something, then it aint gonna happen, (except maybe on paper).

I'd also note that we now have other WGs (IPS) creating their own
IPSEC key exchange methods in order to get around the "don't touch
IKE" limitations. So in addition to a potential explosion of
vendor-specific routes, we also are now facing proliferation of
application-specific key exchange methods as well. As a result, IPSEC is
very likely to become the next RPC - a standardized framework that is
used largely for creation of proprietary protocols. We're more than
half-way there.

So unless any proposal has a realistic chance of putting a stop to this, 
I'd say that it's not worth doing, because we'll still have all the
problems we had before magnified by whatever time it takes to produce the
(probably ineffective) cure.