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Re: Moving PIC forwards

> One cause of the fragmentation problem is PPPoE.  You may not like 
> PPPoE (I certainly don't), but there's a lot of it out there on DSL 
> lines.

>From what I've seen, the issue is due to large cert payloads, so that the
fragmentation occurs at the endpoint, not in the middle of the network. 

> None of which, of course, says that we need to break our protocol to 
> deal with it.  But v6 doesn't even have router-based fragmentation, so 
> we may want to plan ahead.  Do we want to go as far as to recommend 
> intentional fragmentation at some rational threshhold?

The fragmentation I've observed is already intentional. If people aren't
up for TCP, then another alternative would be support of a
"continuation" mechanism to spread the cert payload across multiple UDP