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RE: Finishing PIC

Paul Hoffman / VPNC [mailto:paul.hoffman@xxxxxxxx] writes:

> Thanks to all the people who participated in the post-IETF-last-call
> discussion. Based on the messages from the list and the couple of
> off-list messages I got:
> - Yaron and Hugo should revise the protocol to include the anti-DOS
> extra round trip.

If the protocol is being modified, doesn't that send it back to WG Last

> - There is an open question about TCP or UDP, but no consensus on
> what we should do. We should thus stay with UDP, but I will bring
> this issue to the attention of the IESG.
> Yaron and Hugo: please update the document as soon as possible, and
> certainly before the draft cutoff date. We should informally look at
> it in the WG after you do, and then I'll pass it on to the IESG
> noting that changes were made based on the IETF last call. Further,
> please remember that you were going to make some explanatory changes
> based on the messages between William Dixon and Yaron.
> --Paul Hoffman, Director
> --VPN Consortium