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changelog from -01 to -02

Here's a high level list of the changes between
-01 and -02


1) Much editorial cleanup and rearrangement to get to last call quality
2) Reworded intro and abstract
3) Added more definitions
4) Added dead peer detection section, and modified kink header
   to accommodate it
5) Made ACK mandatory when optimistic SA creation not taken
6) Added retransmission of REPLY's when expecting ACK
7) Clarified exact definition of "optimistic"
8) Modified DELETE to only require command and response,
   with no optional ACK
9) Clarify rekeying a bit, add some verbiage about rekey
   avalanche avoidance
10) Make Kerb Err keying a MUST when possible
11) Renumber payloads to not clash with ISAKMP payloads
12) Clarify KRB errors which must be supported
13) Reworded IKE/ISAKMP/etc in terms of Quick Mode instead
    to be explicit
14) Require multiple different CREATE/DELETE to be in separate
    KINK_ISAKMP payloads