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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-kink-kink-07.txt


> Okay, so which issues from Issue List #6 that are waiting for a draft
> revision have yet to make it into a draft?  It looked like all the
> issues were just waiting for a new draft.  Does draft #7 actually
> address all of those issues?
> If yes, then I think it's time to WGLC.  If not, when should we expect
> a new draft with the agreed upon changes?
> Regardless, we should get a new issues list based on draft-07, unless
> you plan a draft-08 in the near future.

#7 is not yet, but I am going to post the next version #8 soon
(probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow).
#8 fixes all issues in the Issue List.  But english grammer issues
and expression issues are remained.  So it is helpful to review #8
in these point of view.  When they will be fixed, then I will post #9.
it will be the WGLC version.