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Re: Does the problem need solving?

On Jun 21, 2007, at 2:30 PM, Stephen Kent wrote:

I think I can infer it -- that browsers and other software that have to supply some set of roots do so ad hoc. There's no unified mechanism to specify what the collected set of roots is.

first, the aps don't supply the roots, they are consumers of roots :-)! And yes, there is no standard, good way to supply the roots, including info that constrains how the roots are used.

Steve, I realize you have a smiley face on your statement, and my mailer doesn't implement the ISO 10646 tone-of-voice bits.

However, as someone who makes an app that supplies roots, it's a statement of fact that I supply the roots, just as I supply the executable code. If you are saying that I (and by implication everyone like me, including Microsoft, Mozilla, and others) should get them from some common source, I have to blink a few times.

Is this, then the root-of-all-roots BOF?


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