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Re: TAM BOF Minutes


On 6 Aug 2007, at 14:21, Turner, Sean P. wrote:
Polling by co-chairs to determine support, results are as follows:
- About half the room in favor of the IETF working on the idea (no hands
- 20 to actively work the topic
- Another 12 to review
- 10 to implement (if its of good quality)

Will take the topic back to the mailing list.
Need to get a better understanding of what "this" is (scope).
Will use the mailing list to do scoping, refine questions,
build/recruit/demonstrate more constituency.
Monitor the list to see how the group is progressing.

The academic network community (in particular, in Europe) is very much interested in the results of this group. We are deploying an infrastructure for the interconnection of federated identity systems, and that will obviously require the dynamic management of trust anchors. Furthermore, we are running a trust anchor repository (TACAR: http://www.tacar.org/) currently in use by the global Grid community and several other research projects, that I think would be an excellent demonstrator for any future

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