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Re: Draft Charter

>> Our experience is that most organizations already have (at least...) one
>> identity management systems in place, which is "never" based on PKI and
>> they will not and cannot abandon that for a PKI.
> First, the term "identity management system" is a neologism created by
> marketing folks :-). But yes, there is always resistance to change,
> and not everyone will benefit enough from a PKI to warrant the change.

With all due respect...

Perhaps with your experience Franks argument don't make sense but
I should not be so quick to dismiss him based on wording alone. The
situations he describes are everyday reality for many of us in the higher-
ed community and not just because we are all lazy bums who haven't
figured out that we need to convert our processes from issuing
kerberos identities to issuing smart-cards with certs.

I don't believe your characterization of identity management as a
marketing ploy contributes much to figuring out the merit of the
use-cases Frank has presented.

    Cheers Leif